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Breed: Boxer Mix
Sex: Female

Birthday: ~September 1, 2017
Rescued: September 5, 2018
Re-Homed: January 5, 2019

Status: Adopted



Health Issues

  • None


  • Playful and spirited girl.
  • People friendly. She may be a bit reserved when first meeting new people but warms up quickly.
  • Can exhibit some reactivity to other dogs when on-leash or behind a fence.
  • With proper introductions and strictly supervised visits, she has enjoyed playtime with other dogs. She does best with calm dogs that tolerate her nipping and in-your-face style of play.
  • High energy dog. But very happy to relax and cuddle once she’s had her required amount of exercise.
  • Can be slightly destructive when bored.
  • Although not much of a swimmer (yet), she enjoys playing in water.
  • Responds well to verbal cues and attempts to redirect her attention.
  • Her leash skills and basic obedience are improving and she seems to enjoy one-on-one training sessions.

Owner Suitability

  • Enjoys being a part of day-to-day activities and would benefit from a home in which people are around most of the day.
  • Would benefit from an experienced owner, that is committed to working with her to reinforce rules and boundaries to keep her from mouthing and reacting to other dogs.
  • Needs a high level of exercise. Would benefit from daily walks and opportunities to play throughout the day.
  • Best suited to an active family with older children due to her high energy.  Younger children are not recommended due to her current puppy behavior of nipping in excitement.
  • Moderate-high prey drive. Likes to chase squirrels and birds.
  • A fenced yard is a must. She is a curious girl and enjoys opportunities to explore.
  • Best suited to a home with no other dogs.
  • Can happily live in a home with cats. She does show occasional interest in playing, but is very respectful of the cat not wanting to engage.