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Breed: Labrador Retriever/German Shepherd Mix
Sex: Male

Birthday: December 16, 2020
Rescued: March 21, 2024

Status: For Adoption


Health Issues

  • Indy can exhibit anxiety for which he currently takes a low dose/low cost anxiety medication.


  • Indy is an excitable boy with lots of energy. He is very smart, learns easily.
  • He will be extremely loving and loyal to his family and close friends.
  • Indy is friendly with most dogs and in a controlled one on one environment, has made many buddies. However, on occasion, he will take a dislike to certain dogs. If he’s on leash, best to remove him from the situation, to avoid pulling and lunging. A harness would be better for walks.
  • Indy has had success at larger off leash parks along side his people, but smaller parks are not recommended.
  • Indy gets nervous in new environments and around new people. He displays being nervous by barking and some lunging, which can be intimidating to some. With patience and treats, he can come around and earn trust. On occasion, there are certain people he may not ever like, but the same can be said about other dogs.
  • Indy is muzzled trained, which is required at the vet and in some new situations.
  • He loves playing in the snow, fetch and running at full speed!
  • Indy can easily get distracted so leaving a longer lead attached to him while he’s exploring would be best in order to be able to get him easily.
  • A Kong with frozen wet food is a good calming distraction for Indy and a great way to spend some down time. He will happily go to his bed to enjoy this.
  • Indy is crate trained and can easily learn that a particular area of the house is his and another is off limits. He is fine being left uncrated as well, and will not push down gates.
  • Indy has had obedience training as well as  other training. He knows -Wait (Encouraged to sit and “wait” before leaving or entering house), leave it (also used when walking by squirrels, rabbits, other animals, humans), sit, shake a paw, down, go to your bed.

Owner Suitability

  • Indy will do best in a home with less people coming and going.
  • Indy requires a home with dog savvy people, who understand his insecurities and will have patience in new situations.
  • Indy will succeed with proper and consistent training, which will contribute to his building confidence.
  • He has lived with kids, and did very well with them, but new ones coming in and out of the house could make him uncomfortable, therefore a home without kids under 16 is a must.
  • A home with no other animals will be best suited for Indy.
  • Indy would be happy with an active owner, he loves to run, and in the right weather, up to 5km would be fine while he’s young and fit. He is familiar with agility and loves playing fetch with a ball or Frisbee.
  • He would benefit from a fenced in yard, especially since he likes to be free and is most comfortable in familiar places.
  • His new owner must understand that the vet visit will require a muzzle and possible sedation.